GPS Smartsole


Just back from Cebit and I have to digest all the gizmos that i have seen.
The Smartsole is really interesting.
Just put a pair of smart soles into the shoes of a dement person and you will have to stop worrying about where he or she wandered off. A press of a button on your I phone and you know exactly where he or she is.
Of course…slip a pair of these soles into the boots of your wife and you can track her down as well. If she likes it is a total different question.
Check it out GPSsmartsole

Baarcity … A swansong

It is a funny thing in life. You get used to things, places, people or ideas and then they vanish in time. Baarcity developed over the years to one of my favorite watering holes. Perfect views over the roofs of Zug. Moutains in the back and the sun in the face when sitting on one of the high tables at the rooftop bar. Always being well treated by the bartender and well fed by chef Paul. Now, within less than a week it is all over. Staff is fired and the place closed till the owner makes up his mind whaat to do with the place.

Sad? Yes to a degree, but I learned long ago that the only constant in life is change. So yes a watery eye is there, but better to have spent many joyful nights there than none at all.
To Peter, Paul and Bea….Thank you very much for all and good luck and joy with your next adventure.

City by Night…. Creatures come out

All you need is a Canon EOS7 and you see wild creatures emerging from the dark by just playing with apperture and shutter times. A lot of fun and cool results.

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Journey of Innovation: Designing a Disruptive Technology for a Sustainable Future

Society’s concerns on global warming, our reliance on fossil fuels and the global energy crisis has given rise to alternative energy solutions in urban environments where the smart cities of the future will utilize power when and where it is required. Pavegen technology harnesses the kinetic energy from footsteps and has been used throughout the globe in the last 3 years, proving that the answer to our future power source is literally under our feet.

In this Webinar, Pavegen will talk about the engineering behind this unique technology and its future energy potential: mapping the journey for commercial viability and the challenges faced to achieve mass production and scale while maintaining the focus on making our cities more sustainable.

Villette.. Always worth a visit

Looking for some alternative fun in Paris….Villette Quarter is a must. Cool bars, good restaurants an easy going atmosphere. All you need to have a joyful Saturday evening. Take the metro to Stalingrad and you are the.

Oh….. Summer is approaching

Kenzo… Or how to reinvent the biker jacket

Black and red wave print jacket from Kenzo featuring a spread collar, an off-centre front zip fastening, front zipped pockets, long sleeves and zipped cuffs.
Stylish and not to miss.

Seduction…. AP Ambrose

A super feminine range combining gorgeous ivory floral embroidery with guipure edge accented with luxurious oyster pink satin ruched onto elastic. The opaque qualities highlight the floral element of the range. Delicate guipure look bows add a further flourish of girly luxury.

Pop Art…. By Diane von Fürstenberg

When Diane gets inspired by Andy Warhol you get a result that’s stunning.
Classic DvF pattern with Andy Warhol style flowers and a classic wrap dress. Wow is all to say. A DvF limited edition and an homage like no other.

Wow…. Black Rias

Many things in life are special because they represent a mix of two worlds. The Stuart Weitzman black Ria is a crossover of a bootie and a sandal…. And what a mix it is. Elegant and sexy and a certain eye catcher on any fashion minded womans feet.

A classic… Ankle high Bootie

A must have for any woman in Spring or fall… Ankle high boots. No matter what you wear…dress,skirt, jeans or hot pants… These boots are a statement, representing self-esteem and style. Get them at Stuart Weitzman at half price and be happy about a bargain classic.


No i don’t mean the Findus mix of pane and pizza! Alberto Panizza is an Italian photographer…. Intimate damselflies…. What creatures no science fiction director could have dreamed of. Have a look at Alberto’swebsite . Enjoy!

Why is it….

Ok when you travel a lot you will experience different cultures. We all know that…. We may like attitudes or different take on things, or we may simply hate certain behaviours. Frankly, i think you can learn alot about a society by simply experience their toilets. Go to places in France, Spain or United kingdom and don’t expect to find a toilet that properly closes, you will miss a coat hanger and tidiness will leave some questions. Go Italy and you regret that you have the urge to visit the loo.
But similar experiences you may have with government agencies, supermarkets, standing in line or driving on the road. It’s the little details that make life different and enjoyable… Different doesn’t mean bad. We may not like all we experience but we should be grateful for the experiences that life throws at us… Even when visiting a toilet in Italy

Happy New Year

Ok crative break is over. But for now… Happy new year!!

Sheplers…,, all on sale

Western outfiter Sheplers has 15% storewide sale. Need new boots, jeans or western shirts then Sheplers is the place to go. Ariat boots are highly recommended and at sale a real steal.